Hotel Manager Friend Helps Me Get Laid

The same old routine of job and home left me exhausted. Also, I am preparing for some Govt exams. Because of this, almost no time is left, even to meet my best friend who is a hotel manager.
Still, I had sexual urges which were not allowing me to concentrate. I am a decent-looking boy and gifted with a penis much bigger than average size. I watched the ‘Big Bang Theory’ episode. After seeing Raj having sex with Penny, I got a bit excited.
My friend is a manager at a five-star hotel in Pune. He told me about how some sexy models and other rich people visit his hotel. He also told me about how some Dubai and Kuwait girls got fucked inside the hotel, which gave me more erotic feelings.

I visited my friend one fine day and asked him to allow me to his hotel. I had some food and saw one hot model who recently started her modeling career. I planned my sexual encounter wth the hot chick. On that day, for the first time, I used deodorant because I came to know it’s a norm in such posh places.
I started chatting with her by asking about her favorite food and other things. She was a hot bomb with perfectly shaped boobs, a nice ass, and a fit body. Then I started moving a bit towards her sex life asked about her boyfriends and other stuff.
Suddenly I said, “I wish to have sex with you.” At first, she gave a weird look. I said, my cock is pretty big to satisfy you. Then she said, “Let’s have some fun in the room.”
We went inside the room and had a passionate kiss. I started sucking her hot lips, and her perfume was making me crazy. Then I started unbuttoning her clothes. She said her previous boyfriend was a failure in the bed. “I hope you satisfy me to the fullest.”
I said, “Will you take my cock inside your mouth?” She said, “No!”
Then I respected her feelings. I was struggling to remove her bra. So finally, with force, it was torn by me. Her milky boobs popped out, and without wasting any time, I started sucking those melons. For around 15 minutes, I sucked those boobs.
After that, I removed all my clothes and started rubbing my cock. She also removed her clothes and was lying completely naked on the bed. I moved towards her backside and started kissing her back. I was licking her back and, at the same time, was pressing her spongy, soft ass with great pleasure.
Then again, I started kissing her stomach and, after that, started rubbing my cock between her boobs. While doing so, she said, “That old fucking Ad filmmaker wished to fuck me. His rotten sunken cock deserves no girl, and I also refused him.”
I also kissed her thighs and was pressing boobs with one hand and pressing ass with another hand. I promised her to give full strength fuck, which she will always remember. I opened her legs and saw her beautiful vertical lips.
I slightly opened them with my hands. For a second, she shivered with small moaning. I started fingering her pussy with my middle finger in the beginning. Then I started a little spanking on her pink pussy, and she started moaning with little pleasure and little pain.
Then for around 20 minutes, I started licking her pussy. Tongue fucking was a fantastic experience, and both of us enjoyed it heartily. Because of pussy licking, some fluids started oozing. I started rubbing my cock at the entrance of her pussy.
Now her pussy was fully lubricated, and I did not want her to feel any pain. I also rubbed some coconut oil on my cock for smooth passage inside the pussy. I pushed my cock within one stroke. She felt little pain as her pussy was tight. No sex for several months.
It was an utmost pleasure when my cock slowly and steadily entered her tight pussy. While my cock was moving in and out, I was kissing her lips and pressing her boobs. While we were fucking she said, “Come on, baby, yeah, just like that. Oh yes fuck me, fuck this bad girl really hard. Oh, fuck me!
The strokes increased with time, and she was enjoying it. Her boobs were bouncing during the sex session, which gave me more and more pleasure. It was sexual activity at its peak, and we were fully enjoying it.
We both reached orgasm at about the same time. I started cumming, and my cum filled her. pussy. We both laid naked side by side for a few minutes, and I started rubbing her pussy. I love to see hot girls cumming or what we must call a squirt.
After taking some rest, we both were ready for the next session of ass fuck. She was skeptical about the pain that ass fucking can give. But I convinced her that pleasure will be more. I applied some Vaseline on her ass so that adequate lubrication is present while having ass fuck.
Then we started playing a little game. She acted as a student who did not finish her assignment. She needs strict punishment so that she completes her work on time. I acted as a strict taskmaster who started spanking her ass. She started saying that the next time she will always finish her work on time.
But I said a big black cock of 8 inches inside her ass will always remind her to complete work on time. I started penetrating my cock inside her ass. While in the doggy position, she was looking towards the mirror. My cock started stroking heavily, and it was a nice penetration inside a very tight path.
I was stroking her heavily, and she was in pain. Because of her pain, I stopped any further action. Then I laid naked on her, and we both started talking about mostly bad experiences of studies and college.
Her pussy was full of white cum, and we decided to bathe together. We made few rules for bathing. She cannot touch her pussy and boobs while bathing, and I will not touch my cock while having a bath.
We had 2-3 more sex sessions, and after that, I said, “Good-Bye,” to her. I still want more sex sessions like I had with her.
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