Married story reader fucked by her favorite writer

Hello dear readers, this is Shravan back with a new story of how a woman who had contacted me to provide feedback to one of my previous stories, turned to have a great intimate session in bed.
Friends, this story began in October, when Ms. Poonam, a married woman, mother of two, who was not satisfied sexually, had pinged out to provide a “Like” for one of my stories posted in this forum a few months ago. I had acknowledged the same with a, “Thank You”.
After a couple of days, she began pinging me again asking about my whereabouts. She was somewhat conservative in the beginning with her words but gradually opened up about her life. She was employed as an officer in a firm and her husband was employed abroad. He used to visit them once a year.
Her children were studying in a primary school in Mangalore. Thus, it was clear that her sexual desires weren’t taken care of due to this situation.
My married reader could manage all these days by diverting herself in household chores and looking after her children, but now her instincts have been demanding to quench a burning desire in her.
She had asked me for a casual date, an occasion to meet me and express her desires to me. I had agreed to the same. I had asked her the choice of her location.
Due to the prevailing restrictions and thinking about privacy, she said that she shall arrange a date at her home, by sending her children to her in-laws at Mysore, to which we both agreed mutually.
And finally, the day came, in the mid-week of October. I had received an invitation call to her home at 6:30 PM. I had prepared myself for the day, with all necessary basic grooming. I made myself available at her home at 6.30 in the evening and rang the doorbell.
The door was opened by the beauty.. None other than Poonam. She was a marvel. Aged around 30 years, she was like springtime come alive. She was very beautiful. She had a glowing pretty face with a smile, which made me ecstatic.
Poonam asked me to step in. My God. She had literally prepared a sex venue at her house. It was filled with the aroma of lavenders. She asked me to sit on the sofa. She was wearing a floral pink saree. She sat beside me, took my hand in her hand and started speaking.
We had a casual conversation for maybe half an hour. Later, she asked me whether I would like to freshen up. I wanted to, so I agreed. She guided me towards her washroom and asked me to freshen up, and in due course, she said that she will prepare a drink for us.
I did accordingly. I had been preparing myself for this time with utmost care as this was going to be a great one. The moment I finished off, I came out of the washroom.
Poonam asked to be seated on her bed. She brought me fresh fruit juice and served a glass to me. I was just mesmerized by her appearance. I was feeling like just to grab her and give her a tight hug. But she had a plan as well.
As soon as I finished half the glass, she took away the glass from me and started drinking the remaining half. Soon as she finished off, she turned off the lights and lit a candle.
God… She was looking more gorgeous. She came closer to me. She rested on my lap, brought her face near my ears, and whispered, “I have been waiting so long for a man to quench my thirst and desires.”
“It’s been very long since my pussy has been rammed by a dick. Will you please satisfy my needs this night? I just got wet each time when I read your stories.”
“I used to fantasize myself in place of those ladies. Those thoughts would make me wet. Today, you are here in front of me. Make me wet. Fuck me hard.”
Before she could continue, I took hold of my married reader’s neck, grabbed her face towards me and kissed her on her lips. In the beginning, she was quite shocked due to my unexpected move! But once when she gained the momentum, she started responding. Her fragrance was awesome. She was having the aroma of roses.
Poonam pushed me on the bed. I asked her whether she was going to take command. She responded with a vigorous kiss! I cooperated.
The kissing went on for a while. My married reader was portraying how desperate she was for the company of a man. I just liked the moment. Maybe, after half an hour of kissing, she felt exhausted.
I started praising her beauty. I started from her eyes, lips, nose, neck, massive and marvelous boobs, navel, and her feet. She was a real beauty.
Even though Poonam was a mother of two, she appeared to be with stats of 30-32-34. She was feeling shy. She just fell on me. She murmured, “Fuck me.”
I turned her down onto the bed. I started slowly undressing her. Starting with her saree, then her blouse, she started feeling the rhythm.
Then she was in a light pink skirt and a pink bra. She raised her ass indicating to undress her skirt. I did the same. Now I could see her pink panty. But her aroma was making me feel high. I kissed her neck, moved down on her boobs, then her navel, her pussy, her thighs and her feet.
I just licked her toes. My married reader was letting out moans slightly. But that sweet voice of her moaning would turn me on more. Suddenly, she pushed me on the bed. She came upon me and started to undress me. She took my cock in her hands and started stroking it hard. She was shocked as well as curious to see such a big tool.
Poonam said that this is going to tear her apart. I asked her to enjoy the moment. She suddenly took it in her mouth. It was a heavenly feeling. She was giving a blowjob like a pro. She was stroking it all around. I pressed her boobs. It was smooth and soft.
After about fifteen minutes, I let my cum in her mouth. She swallowed completely.
And now, it was my turn. I pulled her panty down slowly and smelled her pussy. It was wet already. I moved my fingers around her shaved pussy. She moaned loudly.
Suddenly, I pushed a finger inside. She moaned still louder. I kissed her and started fingering her fast. She moaned, “Fuck me,” pulled my dick, and guided it near my married reader’s pussy. She asked me to be gentle as this was her first time with a man with such a huge tool. I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. It was quite tight.
Poonam started moaning. I started to increase the pace slowly. She was enjoying it. Now I unhooked her bra in order to free up her boobs. They were looking marvelous. I bit on her nipples.
Now I started ramming my married reader’s pussy. She was ecstatic now. She started moaning louder. We both were enjoying it.
Now, with my dick in her pussy, we shuffled our position with her being on top. She started moving her ass faster to house my dick completely inside her pussy, at the same time it was a great sight to watch her tits bouncing.
We tried few other positions as well. After fucking for about two hours, we both reached orgasm together. I released my cum inside her as per her request.
We both just slept together, and later I left after taking a shower with her and having dinner. She had texted me back that night stating that she was extremely satisfied that evening.
She asked me to continue the same in the future whenever time permits. People, this was my latest casual encounter. Thanks to the ISS forum.
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