MIL’s wet hair and ass crack gives guy hard-on!

This story is a mix of true lust and love that evolved over a period of time with my wife’s mother, my very own mother-in-law.
Let’s begin with a quick introduction. I am Ram, aged 36, married, and have one kid. My wife Priya is from a traditional Brahmin family and is the only daughter of my in-laws.
We got married 8 years ago, and we had a blessed life. She was working for an IT company. We love each other and after our kid was born, our world was fully for him. We occasionally have sex and both did not have any complaints about that. My wife is very conservative and does not like trying different positions and I also did not push her.
Things were going on track until my wife got her on-site travel to London for 3 months. She really did not want to miss that, and I supported her in her career path. I could not travel along with her due to my work here. So, we decided that she would travel to the UK as it was a short trip and I will take care of the kid here in India.
We were not staying with my parents, and since they were old, I could not take care of my kid fully when I was in office. After a lot of discussions, we decided that my wife’s mother will stay with me for 3 months to take care of the kid until my wife returned.
My wife’s father was in Singapore as he had gone there for attending his sister’s son’s wedding. My MIL agreed to stay with me here as my wife was leaving for her on-site assignment.
Finally, the day arrived when my wife left. Now, it was only me, my mother-in-law, and my son. As usual, I got busy with my work and came late at night. My mother-in-law was taking care of both of us really well.
Things were going really normally until February. I missed my wife awful as it was the first time that we were not together. Unexpectedly, Covid-19 started and my wife was completely stuck in the UK as lockdown had started across the world.
In India, lockdown was announced. We did not want my wife to take the risk of travelling during these times. So, we asked her to stay there as they extended her visa for 6 months.
As full lockdown was announced, her dad too was stuck in Singapore. I, my mother-in-law and my son were fully stuck at our home. Then, I started work from home and was stuck at home. As only we both were there at home with no option of seeing anyone else nor going out, we started talking more and I and my MIL soon became very close.
Let me tell you about my mother-in-law. She was a very fair, Brahmin mami in her mid-40s, bubbly, and at the same time, very attractive. She had an innocent face. She was short and that added to her beauty. Her ass was a stand-out when she walks. She used to wear a saree most of the time and at night she would change into a nighty.
She was a very caring mami. Her Iyer slang in Tamil was very soothing, and she talks so innocently that anyone will like her.
We started talking a lot. We started playing carom, chess and I started helping her in the kitchen while cooking. She used to help in getting my kid bathed etc. Things were very normal. My mother-in-law was also getting very casual with me and did not try to hide or correct her saree when she was with me.
While bathing my kid, she used to tie her saree and her pavada to her hip and I could see her legs fully. I did not have any intentions for her. After bathing, she used to come out wearing her pavada to her chest with a towel and top.
One day I was sitting and watching TV in the hall. She came out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom with a pavada. She had taken a head bath that day and had tied her towel on top covering her head.
As my wife’s mom stepped out, I was stunned to see her bare neck and red pavada covering her boobs. She did not wear a bra and I could see her wet nipples through the pavada.
When she walked, I could see her pavada and panty struck on her ass and her fair legs. She was so fair and her bareback clearly showed her ass and the structure made me awestruck.
Without knowing it, I saw a bulge in my sorts suddenly! I controlled as she went inside the room. To my surprise, my mother-in-law came out of the room again with her towel removed from her head and she was searching for something on the shelf.
I was seeing her closely now and could not avoid my erection! She was bending down and was searching for the dryer. I could see her black panty and her ass crack clearly. Also, as her hands were moving over the shelf, I could see her armpits and to my surprise, it was clean-shaven. My wife usually had lots of hair there.
Aahhhh, what a view! I forgot that she was my MIL. I was already rock-hard down there. I could see my mother-in-law’s boobs clearly on the side view and her nipples were dark and sharp over her pavada.
Her fleshly thighs were clearly visible, and as her hair was wet, the water droplets from her head were flowing all over her body which tempted me even more.
She called out to me, “Mapla, can you look out for my hairdryer. I have forgotten where I kept it the last time.”
I went near her and was having a close look at her bare neck and chest. My mother-in-law did not attempt to hide as she was casual with me. I call her ‘amma’. Her smell was so good and her ass was tempting me to touch it.
I too started searching for the dryer, and now I had a close look at her front side. Ahhhhhhh, her midriff was clearly visible over her pavada!
My mother-in-law was not wearing a bra and her boobs were like 2 mangoes, and her fair skin made me go mad. I could see her round navel and her V-shaped pussy. She was looking like a sexy angel in front of me. The dryer was finally found in my room and she went again to her room taking that.
This was the start of my lust toward my wife’s mother.
It’s a long story with all emotions. Based on your feedback I will continue.

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