Sexy story of how my short colleague satisfied me for the first time

Hello all, this is the story of another reader. I am posting this story on behalf of her.
My name is Swapna. I am 39 years old and married with one kid. I played volleyball and basketball in my childhood days. I landed up with 6.2 feet. I got sexual feelings, and I couldn’t control them when I was in Btech’s second year.
I accepted a proposal from my senior person. He was 6.4 feet with decent build-up. One fine day we both agreed on sex, and he booked the room. We reached the hotel, and we were nude. I was excited, but he didn’t break my virginity. He tried many times, but I remained a virgin.
Later in my engineering, I tried with 3 more guys, but no one broke my seal. I joined a job, and after that, I tried with a gym trainer. He was around 6.3 feet with a good built. His weight was around 115 kgs. Nevertheless, he was also failed to fuck me.
I thought he will carry me in his arms. But he has complimented me, “I was a strong and heavy whore.” Those words hurt me. I am 6.2 feet. I have to maintain a minimum of 70 kgs due to my height. I was played a lot of sports in my school days. That makes my bones stronger.
I was married at 23 to Sampath. He is 6.5 feet and more than 100 kgs. Finally, he broke my virginity post 18 months of marriage. Honestly, I never felt like losing my virginity with my hubby. I was not satisfied on the bed and was craving sex.
Later I was pregnant and blessed with a boy. Post my delivery, I put on around 10 kgs. But I didn’t look fat because of my height. I tried many ways to cut down my weight, but it remains a dream for me. Post-delivery I hardly had sex. My hubby never showed that interest. And outside, no one impressed me.
I forgot about my sex life and sex fantasy and was living my boring life. After few years, one person has joined our organization. He is 5.5 feet, and he was trying to impress me. I felt a little happy, but I didn’t entertain him. He always stared at my boobs.
His bull eyes were on my body and always watching my boobs. I have a big boobs size of 38D. It attracts men around me. But due to my height, no one has ever dared to impress me. Days are passing.
One day, our process manager organized an alcohol party at the pub. It’s company-sponsored, and the female staff was in a one-piece dress. Even I wore a one-piece, but I was not hot like other women.
I didn’t get the right dress due to my height. But I managed a one-piece that just ended after my knees. No one was watching me despite wearing a one-piece and make-up. I was disappointed at the party. Later my office staff forced me to dance as all the other people were dancing on the floor.
I was pulled on the dance floor. I started to move my hands and legs. All of a sudden I felt, someone has pressed my ass cheeks while I was dancing. I look back, and it was that guy who stares at me daily. He was a little drunk but in control. He started dancing along with me.
I felt a little happy. At least one individual has shown interest in me. He told me that I was looking gorgeous. That makes my face glow, and we both had little chit-chat. Later I came out of the pub and was waiting for my hubby to pick me up.
All of a sudden, I heard a voice, “Are you leaving?” I turned back and said yes to that guy. His face turned unhappy, and that build a soft corner on him. I asked him to stay with me until my hubby comes and picks me. He was happy about that and said that I was looking hot.
I was surprised by his comments. He is shorter than me, but I decided to tease him until my hubby arrives.
Me: What makes me hot?
He: Your body and your smile are good.
I sat on the bench outside of the pub and was purposefully showing my cleavage to him.
Me: You like my smile?
He: Yes.
Me: My smile is not hot.
He: Your body is hot.
Me: Hmm! I am old
He: Your ass is hot.
I felt shy but love his complement.
He: Your boobs are awesome. It was swinging when you were dancing. I love it.
Me: (surprised by his comments) Stop now. You are drunk! I am not your girlfriend.
He: I know I am not your boyfriend, but I have a fantasy to fuck a sexy and taller girl than me.
I was laughing and said, “I am 190 cms with 80 kgs of bone weight. Be logical in your fantasy. You are 165 cms with 65 kgs.” He was saying something. But I got the phone call from my hubby, and I left the place. But his comments disturbed me, particularly on my ass. No one has appreciated my ass.
Later I have started a conversation with him due to office work. We both started working on the same project, so our conversations were increased day by day. Sometimes he used to see my cleavage when my chunni was away from my chest.
We become a little close, but I deliberately keep him away. He used to stare at me, sends funny jokes and adult jokes to my what app. I used to enjoy his adult jokes. He knows that I was not interested in him. But I started to fall in love with him because of his nature. He always encourages me to work.
He became my motivation at work. He became the reason for my smile with his teasing skills and other things. His attention towards my body was good and makes me happy. Even my hubby was not aware of how many undergarments I have.
I started talking my personal stuff with him, but still, I maintain my distance. One day I was in a horny mood and had sex with my hubby. I was not fully happy with hubby’s sex. But hubby was tired and fall asleep quickly. My kiddo was also sleeping, but I was not getting sleep.
So I moved out of the bedroom and was watching a movie on mobile in another room. All of a sudden, I got what app message from him saying ‘Happy weekend.’
Me: Happy weekend! Don’t drink and drive.
He: Still awake?
Me: Yes.
He: It’s close to 12, and you were awake. I can understand your sex life.
Me: I had sex with my hubby and not getting sleep.
He: Liar, you are not satisfied with him.
Me: Haha, yes. I was incomplete in sex.
He: Please try me.
Me: Shut up!
He: give me a chance! I will try my best.
Me: I tried with 7 guys, and no one satisfied me. Out of 7, 5 guys didn’t enter his dick inside my cunt. They all are taller than me and stronger than you.
He: But you can give me an opportunity.
Me: You are 5.5 feet with close to 65 kgs and younger than me. You can’t satisfy me.
He: As you know, I fucked Deepti. You can ask her my energy level.
Me: Fuck off! will you bring a ladder to reach my pussy? I am taller and heavier than you. I love you as a colleague, but I can’t do sex with you. Because I know you can’t fuck me.
He: It’s your perception! Give me one chance.
Me: Bye. Good night.
After that, I didn’t talk much in the office for one week, but he requested sex. Next Friday again, we both had a WhatsApp chat late at night.
He: what’s your favorite position in sex?
Me: Women on top and doggy style.
He: Did you enjoy it?
Me: Honestly, no. My hubby did doggy once, but not for a long time.
He: I can do for a long time?
Me: Haha. You know, before marriage, I had an affair with a bodybuilder. He took me to his place. We both were nude, and he placed me in a missionary position. But when I put my leg on either side of his shoulder, he couldn’t take my weight and chop it down.
He: Oh, sad! Why are you saying this?
Me: He was 120 kgs and 6.5 feet. He couldn’t resist my weight. Then how come you will take my weight?
He: Your hubby fucks in which position?
Me: Only missionary.
Then we had a long sex chat, but he was requesting me one chance. Then finally, after a month, I said yes to him. He took leave and was waiting for me. But I didn’t take leave on that day because I was confident that he would not handle me.
I told him that I would reach his house in the evening at 4 and was disappointed with my news. I thought of changing my mind because I thought, “Does he have a king-size bed? Can I fit on his bed?” But finally, I decided to go, and I was confident that he would not satisfy me.
I reached his home at around 3:30 pm. I wore a dress and had a clean-shaven pussy. He welcomed me. He kissed my arm and removed his tee. His physic is ordinary for me even though he has a good chest, shoulders, and biceps. He hugged me, but I didn’t feel much because his chest was not pressing my boobs.
I was upset and said, “Climb on a small stool to hug me or bring a ladder. Your chest is not touching my boobs.” He smiled and spanked my ass! He spanked so excellently, and I turned to a horny mood. Don’t know what happened to me, but something happened between my legs.
Then he asked me to sit on a chair, and he started kissing on my lips. Slowly he puts his tongue inside my mouth, and he locked my lips. We both were in a lip lock, and he was kissing very passionately. I never had a liplock kiss like that. I was impressed by him.
We kissed for more than 10 minutes, and slowly he turned into little wet. Then he was nude. His dick was not longer and thicker than any of my hubby and boyfriends. He then started to unhook my top. I removed my top, and we both went inside the bedroom.
The bed was small. I can’t fit in that bed. He asked me to sleep vertically. I just removed my top, and other clothes were on my body. I laid down vertically, and he came on me. He again started lip kiss, and this time it was passionate.
After few minutes, he put his hand inside my bra. He started holding my boob and licking my tongue. Our saliva got exchanged, and I was getting sensational. After that, he moved my bra strap without removing my bra hooks. He came down and started kissing my cleavage as if he would crush it.
Then he pulled my bra cup down and bite my nipple a little hard. Wow! It was an awesome feeling for me. I put my hands inside his hair and started moaning. Then he started tickling my nipple with his tongue. My nipples get erected and hard. He was biting and sucking my boob one after another.
I was moaning and keeping my fingers inside his hair. Then he went down and kissed my belly button and removed my waist rope. I wore loose leg in, and he easily dropped my leg in. Then he started licking and kissing around my pussy. His fingers were rolling on my thighs and made me moan.
My pussy is slowly getting wet. I was turning into a romantic mood. And all of a sudden, he started sniffing my pussy over my panty. I moaned a little loud. My hubby never sniffs my pussy, and he hates my pussy due to wetness. This guy is making me wet with his skills.
After that, he kissed my cunt over the panty. It makes my legs tremble and my cunt too wet. I turned back with shyness. He unhooked my bra and lower my panty a little down. I was uncovered on my asscheeks. He spanked my ass cheeks and started licking them.
I was moaning and enjoying his foreplay. He moved my ass cheeks wider and sniff my pussy from the back. Without my knowledge, I moaned heavily and positioned myself in a doggy. Then he removed my panty and make me nude.
He inserted his index finger in my cunt from the backside, and his head was inside my asscheeks. Later he started licking my asshole and pushing his finger in my cunt. I was feeling awesome with his licking and finger in. I was moaning louder as his licking speed increases. I was wet, and he licked for some time.
Then I moved out from the doggy style, and he asked me to put my hip at the end of the bed. I followed him, and he spread my legs wider and started kissing my cunt. Wow! It was awesome by him. His tongue makes me crazy. I was becoming wetter.
My position was bad. I never seen my wet pussy like this before. I was asking him to fuck me, but he was sucking my pussy perfectly. Luckily I got a condom under the pillow. I tore the condom cover and put it to his dick. Without wasting any time, he pushed his dick in his first attempt inside the cunt.
I was not expecting a powerful stroke from him. His dick went deeper than my hubby dick place. I got awesome pleasure on his shot and can’t explain in words. I moaned loudly with his shot, and tears came out of my eyes. My pussy was in pain, but he was mashing my pussy with his dick.
I heard the sounds when his tights touching my tighs. I never listen to that loud sound before. Only women can understand that pleasure. After that, I removed the condom and asked him to fuck without a condom as I underwent a family planning operation.
Then he put my leg on either side of his shoulder then, he started fucking me hard. I raised my hip, and we both connected with good rhythm in that position. His dick went further deep inside my cunt, and I was enjoying it a lot.
After that, he sat my boobs and put his dick inside my mouth. Wow! I love his dick taste with cum. I was getting nasty on the bed. I gave a good blowjob and swallowed his cum. But later, he cum on my face and made me happy.
Honestly, I wanted to be fucked like a whore, but it did not happen. But this short guy was made my fantasy to be completed. Then he positioned me in doggy and hold my hair hard. He pulls my hair hard and fucked my pussy and my virgin ass.
Occasionally, he spanks my ass cheeks hard and fucks my ass. My ass and pussy were in cum. I was in sweat and fucked like whore. But still, I was not complete in sex. We both took a break of 5 minutes. Then he put two blankets on a wooden chair near the bed.
Then he put the pillow over a blanket. He sat on the chair and asked me to give a blow. Without any hesitation, I suck his dick for more than 10 minutes. His dick raised to the maximum point. Then he asked me for women on top.
Without any hesitation, I did women on top. I jumped on him, and he was pulling my hair. He was sucking and biting my boobs while I was doing women on top. My asscheeks were hitting his tighs hard, but he resists my weight easily. We both fucked for around 4 hours on that day.
I left his room with beautiful memories. And next day, when I woke up, my calf muscle was in pain. My body was in pain. My ass and pussy were in the sore. I felt bad for my hubby, but that short guy fulfilled my sex fantasy. Later I had sex with him for the next three days.
Then I stopped and used to meet once a week to fulfill my sexual needs. We continued our affair for the next two years. Then I moved out of the company.
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