Story of a hottie who made reels on Instagram

Hi all Indian sex story readers, this is Madhan here with a story of a hottie who made reels on Instagram. First of all, thanks a lot to all ISS readers for your many likes and valuable feedback for my stories. I am a story writer with many stories published.
About Me: I am a Madhan of 28 years of age, 6″ tall, south Indian complexion, broad shoulder, and a normal body with skills of tasting a body erotically. I belong to one of the cleanest cities in India, Mysuru, but currently working in Bangalore (which has all varieties of chicks/aunties).
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Coming to the story, I came across videos of Meghana in the reels of Instagram. Meghana was very famous. I can say one of the stars with many likes and comments for her videos. Her videos were an instant hit with thousands of likes and comments.
She was a young college girl, very pretty and hot as well. I was following her videos which were very cute to watch. One evening after booze, I was scrolling through Instagram reel videos. When Meghana’s video came, I clicked her profile and watched the many clips.
I suddenly thought something in the kick of the booze. I commented on a video, “Below average acting and too much makeup.” To another video, “Grow up, kiddo.” To another video, “Blind followers with fake likes and comments.” I gave all provoking negative comments and slept.
She had messaged me personally, asking me to unfollow her if I don’t like her videos. I unfollowed her immediately without replying to her message. I kept mum after this incident for around 10 days. I clicked follow button of Meghana after two weeks.
I sent a message, “You are too cute to resist. I can’t stop seeing your videos.” Immediately I got a reply, “Then why did you post such comments? Are my reels so dumb?”
I replied to her, “You are doing excellent. I was addicted to your reels act. I posted such comments to come out of the addiction of Meghana’s cuteness.”
She did not respond to my message. I did not send any more messages and waited for her response. After a day, she replied, “Really?”
I told her, “You are breathtaking and angelic. I am praying to God to see you for real. Oh god! Please grant me the wish.” I praised her and started advising on the selection of audio, dress code for the reel videos, and some postures.
She started to send me the videos for corrections before posting on Instagram reels. She was getting more and more famous with increased likes and comments. She started discussing her personal life.
Meghana, 20 years of age, was studying engineering in Bangalore. Her father was a company director, and her mother was in a high post in a government establishment. She was alone most of the time in the house with a busy mom and dad. Her elder brother was doing his M.S in Germany.
By now, we were chatting on Whatsapp. One night I texted her kiss emoji and deleted it immediately when she has seen. Even after seeing the message, she asked me, “What you deleted?” I said, “Nothing.”
The next day I texted her, “I really can’t resist you. You disturb me very badly – the hot body of yous, the cute lips, and your eyes. I want to enjoy your hot body. I am lusty about your sexiness. You are unresisting. I am blocking you. Goodbye.” I then blocked her.
She called me which I did not respond. After 2 days, I unblocked her but did not message her. She messaged me. I never opened it and responded. On the weekend, she messaged me, “I want to meet you,” and shared a location.
I replied, “I am a bad boy with bad intentions. You want to meet me.” She replied immediately, “Yes.” I went to the location shared by her on my bullet bike. It was 8 in the evening, the location was a road with many vehicles passing by. She was waiting for me in her pink Scooty.
She told me to follow her, which I did. She stopped slightly away from the entrance of the gated villa compound and told me to wait there. After some 10 minutes, she came back and sat on my bike slightly away without touching me.
I rode the bike in search of a desolate place. I parked my bike a few meters away from an apartment that was under construction and desolated. We walked slowly into the gate, and the place was deserted with no human trace.  My dick was erect when her soft boobs pressed on my back when I applied the break.
Let me describe Megha. She was around 5.1’ in height with a heavy bosom. She was wearing a black round-neck T-shirt with the shape of two huge balls prominently visible. Her loose grey night pant was hiding a sexy round ass.
She had little makeup applied on her face with a slight pink lipstick on her lips. She had kajal in her eyes, hair was tied into a bun on her head. A strong aroma of perfume was emanating from her body. Heavens! She was ready to the fucked, and her body was so inviting.
We walked like a cat to the second floor of the dusty second floor. I entered the apartment at the far end of the steps. She was hesitantly waiting outside. I came back, held her hand, and took her inside the home.
The moment we were inside the door, I pushed to a dusty wall. I started to kiss her soft pink lips sucking the honey out of her lips. She was breathing too heavily now and started to kiss me wildly. My hands hurriedly ran all over her body, feeling the soft flesh of Megha.
Oh god! the moment was so steamy that my shaft was breaking out of my pants. My lips busy licking her face. My hands cupped her ass balls, pressing and squeezing them. A finger was busy rubbing the tunnel between her huge ass balls.
Her night dress was so apt that I was able to reach every part of Megha. My hands then moved to huge balls on the T-shirt, pressing and squeezing it. My hands ran over the boobs to catch the fully erect nipples. I then pinched the nipples. She gave a loud moan with pain and pleasure.
We heard a small noise from the ground floor. She instantly stopped, scared, and told me to take her home. I made her wait for me before I go and check the source of the noise.
It was dogs running over the dried leaves on the ground floor. I walked back and told her the same. She did not listen and asked me to drop her back home.
Guys lengthy story is always boring to read, and I wanted to explain every minute detail of the story. In the next part, I will explain Megha’s virginity breaking in her room.
Thank you to all the ISS readers.

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