Story of a sex encounter in the office

Hello all, I am Sneha. Pallavi is posting my Sex encounter story on my behalf as she has posted many of her stories here.
I am 42 years old and working in an IT company. Let me tell you about myself. I was born in a rich family and had a good education. I studied in boarding school and completed engineering in a good college. My communication skills were good and help me establish well in my professional life.
I am 5.1 feet, not tall but have a commanding voice. My close friends used to say that I look like heroin Kareena Kapoor as I was blessed with a sexy figure. I never did any dirty work at the office. Due to my communication skills, I used to handle client queries and throws my work on others.
My colleagues always used to do my work, and I used to handle their queries. This was worked for a year. Later everyone was starting to oppose me. Nevertheless, I didn’t care about their words and started to climb the ladder professionally with my smart work.
Later I was married to Pankaj. He is from a rich background. After two years, I was blessed with a baby boy. But I didn’t discontinue my job. My married life is good. Honestly, I don’t have any interest in sex and the same with my hubby. We used to fuck in missionary position only.
Post my delivery, we never had sex and happy with one kid. I never had a blowjob, pussy licking, ass fuck in my life. My hubby and I used to have a chat about money. We both did trading and used to talk about the stock market.
We used to talk about profit, expensive places for dining and expensive dress. We both used to wear expensive dresses. He owns a BMW car, and I own a Honda city Life is going well.
One day, I met a new joiner in my team. His name is Madhan, and he is fresher. He is very keen to learn things and a dedicated young boy. I used to give my work to him and pressure him to complete the task. Since he was new, he didn’t say anything and used to complete the work on time.
Later a year, his brain was polluted by other colleagues. He learned how to reject the work in a good way. Later he requested me to teach my cunning skills to him. He told me that he wanted to learn my marketing skills to grow in the organization.
I was impressed with him. But Madhan is emotional, not professionally rude. I advised him to become selfish on his goals. On the other hand, I used to have a dog fight with Mithali daily. Mithali was good at coding but not in communication.
Her English was not good. Unfortunately, she was dependent on me for highlighting the existing issues and client queries. I handled her queries, but I used to take credit for her good work. My senior managers used to recognize me because I used to highlight issues in a good way.
My manager knows about it, but he failed to spotlight Mithali because he has other work to handle. Mithali was frustrated and resigned from the organization. As per the gossips, I was the reason for her resignation.
But from my point of view, she resigned because she was not trying to improve her communication. She was in notice period and was married.
Unfortunately, we fall short of resources. To our bad luck, the Diwali festival arrived, and most of the staff was left for hometown. My manager was depressed. I suggested that he cancel Madhan’s leave. Mithali will come to the office due to her notice period.
I know Madhan is emotional, and it’s easy to trap him. Madhan and Mithali agreed to come to the office during Deevali time, including weekends. But my senior manager requested me to come to the office on Deevali weekend and the following week. It was a twist for me, but I accepted it due to promotion.
It was Saturday. I wore a red top with a long blue skirt. I reached the office late as I don’t have to work. I need to oversee Madhan and Mithali’s work. At the end of the day, one status email needs to send to stakeholders.
On weekends, the housekeeping staff will work on the floor. So employees will work from the training room. I was on the way to the training room in a dull mood. We have around 15 big training rooms. I was searching for them. I was opening each training room and looking inside for them.
I slowly opened the other training room and immediately closed the door. I looked around, and no one is there. On the weekend housekeeping staff won’t come to the training floor.
After a minute, I slowly open the door a little. Mithali was sucking and licking Madhan’s dick. They both were nude. Mithali hands were around his ass. Madhan was pushing her head hard, and I can hear her moans. I don’t know what happened to me. I was watching them.
Mithali sucked her dick for some time. His dick was raised like a tower. His dick was hard and full of her saliva. He picked the condom and put on his dick. Mithali was on the floor with her four legs. Madhan was on his knees and pushed his dick inside her cunt.
She moaned a little loud, but I can understand her pleasure. Madhan was fucking her hard, and she was moaning. I closed the door and sat on the sofa at the entrance. I was wet, and something is happening between my legs. I never sucked a dick, or I never fucked in that position.
I thought Madhan is innocent, but he knows how to pleasure a girl. Mithali was married just a week back. But she was fucking with other men in the office like whore. Madhan pulls her hair hard, spanks on her ass cheeks, and fucking her pussy hard.
She looks like whore. Her mouth was filled with cum, and getting pleasure from Madhan.  I never get this type of pleasure from my hubby.
After some time, I decided to disturb them, but my heartbeat like a drum to open the door. I did not dare to open the door fully. Again I opened the door very little, and this time, they both were in missionary on the floor.
I hear her moans, and he thrust into her pussy. Her boobs were smashing under his chest. Her legs were wide in the air. She was in full swing of pleasure. Madhan was unstoppable and fucking her hard. I never fucked like that, and I have decided to disturb them.
So I pick my phone and started to play my ringtone and closed the door with heavy noise. Then after some time, I opened the door. They had enough time to wear their clothes. But they were angry after I entered the room. I logged in there and was asking for an update on work.
Mithali wore her saree, and they both acted as busy. I didn’t say anything to her. After some time, Madhan came near me. Madhan didn’t wear underwear, and his dick was right up like a tower. I was disturbed by his huge bulge. I understand he was incomplete in sex, but he saw my cleavage.
I was short, so tall men can see my valley easily. I was feeling insecure with him, and his erect dick was disturbing me. We had our lunch, and post-lunch, Mithali left the office. Madhan and I inside the training room. I was getting ready to send a status email.
I called Madhan near to me. I was talking with him on issues, and I disagreed with one point. He was trying to convince me, but I was not listening to him and moved my hands. When I was moving my hand, I touched his dick accidentally. His dick was hard, and our eyes were met.
I was breathing heavily. Luckily I was in control and said sorry to him. But he was watching my boobs. I can understand he has a good view to see my valley. He came near to me and sit beside me. I was nervous and feeling shy.
I was not able to talk, and his bulge was disturbing me. He came a little close and rub his shoulder with mine and advise his issue.
I quickly sent the email and came out from the training room. We both started walking side by side and reaching towards the lift. He was deliberately touching my fingers, and I wasn’t able to stop him. We both entered the lift. I went inside the lift, and he followed me.
But he touched my ass with his dick and pushed me ahead. He said sorry and came behind me. His dick was hard and changed my mood. I was nervous in the lift, and again he rubbed my ass with his dick. I was inhaling and not stop him. We reached parking, and I started to walk a little fast.
I went further and realized that he was not with me. I don’t know what happened. I turned back with a smile, and I spotted him. He gave a smile, and my eyes turned into lust. I smiled and turned back, but suddenly he holds my waist and takes me towards the lift.
I started to walk along with him. I was saying, “Please, I have to go home.” But I was walking with him, and we both were in the lift. He pressed my boobs and ass in the lift, and I was not stopping him. He took me to the training room, and he locked the room.
He removed his tee and hugged me tightly. My boobs were mashing, and I was moaning. Then he removed his jean. He was standing nude in front of me. He didn’t wear underwear, and his dick was raised like a tower.
I was requesting him like, “No, I am not like that, I am not that type of girl. Don’t do anything to me.” But he smiled and started to kiss on my cheeks, chin, nose, and lips. I was not stopping him and allowing him to kiss my body. I started to respond to his lip kiss, and we both locked our lips.
He is a good kisser. I was enjoying his kiss. We kissed for some time, and he broke the kiss. Then he raised my hands and removed my top, and threw it on the floor. I was nervous, and my legs were throbbing. My pussy is getting wet, and he hugged me and unhook my bra.
He removed my bra, and I was not stopping him. I covered my boobs with my arms, and he removed my waist rope and my skirt. Then he was on his knees and slowly removing my panty. He down my panty and make me nude. It was the first time I was standing nude with someone other than my husband.
I was shy and not stopping him. He started kissing my feet, calf, and thighs. He moved my legs wider and put his face in between my legs. My hubby has never seen my pussy like this. Madhan was rushing on it. I covered my pussy with my palm. He removed my palm with ease and started kissing my pussy.
My fingers were in his hair, and moaning slightly. My thighs were on either side of his shoulder, and he holds my back waist. Then all of a sudden, he lifted me and leaned to the wall. I was shocked and thrilled. He was licking and sucking my pussy, and I was pressing my nipples hard.
Later he held my boob and was pressing it. I never had this pleasure in the past. He lifted me and leaned to the wall, and licking my pussy. I was moaning and enjoying the pleasure. Then he placed me on the floor and make me sit on a chair.
His dick was raised to the peak, and he was trying to keep it inside my mouth. I locked my mouth with my lips and not allowing him to inside my mouth. But I couldn’t resist more than a minute. His dick went inside my mouth. It was an awesome feeling, and I got goosebumps.
He held my hair and was pulling me. Rapidly, he increased the speed and drink down his cum. It was the first time I had cum, but I could not say anything to him. After that, he asked me to lay down on the floor. But I was nervous, and my mind was blank.
I was sitting on a chair, and he picked a condom from his pants and put it on his dick. He picks me from the chair and makes me laid on the floor. He spread my legs wider and put his dick on top of my pussy. Then he locked my palms with his palms. His upper body was covered my face to pussy.
He put his weight on my body and was pushing his dick inside my pussy. My palms were mashing hard. His chest was grinding my boobs, and his dick was shoving my pussy lips. I can’t move an inch, and my legs were in the air. He pushed his dick hard and started thrusting hard.
I was pressuring his weight on my body and not able to take a breath under his body. He started thrusting hard, and after some time, he unlocks my palms. I kept my hands on his back and started biting his back with my nails. I was moaning hard and biting his back with my nails.
My legs were in the air, and he was fucking me hard. My boobs were smashing badly under his chest. Sweat was generating from my hair, forehead, and another part of the body. My body was not able to take his weight. I was breathing heavily, but I adored his energy.
After 10 minutes, he stopped fucking and moved out from me. My body was full of sweat. My boobs were smashed. My legs were in pain. Can’t wake up quickly and laid down on the floor for some time. My hubby never fucked like this. I never saw aggression from him on the bed.
Madhan’s love-making was awesome. Finally, I get up and sit on the floor. My back was in a sweat. I was smelling an exertion smell. In meanwhile, he changed the condom and positioned it in a doggy style.
And all sudden, my phone started ringing. I picked the phone and talked with my hubby. After that, I realized the reality and started wearing my clothes. Another hand, he was requesting me to fulfill his lust. But I was back with my commanding voice and quickly wore my dress.
He was standing nude, but I left the office with good memories. On the same night, I had sex with my hubby.
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