Story of activities on the annual day!

Thank you guys for the appreciation for my stories. Some of you have asked me to continue on this stream, so I continue with the third part about the annual day. To give a brief context of the story up till now.
This story goes back to 200 years where the provinces were ruled by kings and queens. I was a traveler passing through a province ruled by a queen and used to hate men. I committed a crime and was landed in prison. The prison had a different set of rules and different types of punishment.
It was totally controlled by women. With pain and punishment, there is another angle to the story as well, which is a pleasure. So sit back and enjoy it and recommend reading the first 2 parts to get the full context.
After that day, days passed on with the same type of routine. Until one day, Mistress came in the morning and took me to a room. She removed my cock cage and asked me to lay down on a bench on my stomach. She told me that she is going to wax and shave my whole body.
I didn’t know the reason but thought to ask. They used a thick sugary paste instead of wax. Mistress was applying the sugary paste on my back.
Me: Why waxing and shaving are being done today? Do we have to again visit the queen’s office for the meeting?
Mistress: Nope, it’s much bigger this time which you can’t even think of.
Me: (I already started to sweat hearing this)  What is left now?
Mistress: I already told you that it was nothing and there is a lot in store.
Me: Can you explain in more detail?
Mistress: Ok. Tomorrow is the kingdom establishment day. There is an annual function that happens on that day.
Me: That’s good then. Isn’t it? On such days, generally, prisoners are released, with the rest of their days in jail being pardoned.
Mistress: That happens in other provinces, but here it is a little different.
Me: With a sad face. Ok, what will happen tomorrow?
Mistress: You will all be made bald. There is an arena where you all will be taken. There will be the queen, her office bearers, and ladies from the public in the arena. So all women. Each building will have its turn and time. There will be activities that you all would do and entertain all the women.
Me: What activities?
Mistress: I don’t have permission to tell you beforehand. But it would be more humiliating, which you haven’t thought of. It’s your bad luck that this day is falling in your 3 months of prison. Now let’s do the waxing.
Mistress waxed my back, hands, legs, and stomach. She then shaved my underarms and my crotch area. There were no activities and punishment on that day, and time was difficult to pass thinking about tomorrow. Each second looked like an hour. I hardly had any sleep that day and night.
The next morning mistress came and took me to the bathroom. She applied some good scented oil on the body and my cock. Later she applied black sand on the body and gave me a proper bath. I asked her the reason behind her.
She said, “You will be in front of the queen. So you should look good. Everyone in the C building has been given the same. C building slot is the last one and from 2-6.”
Me: What about other buildings?
Mistress: A building is 11-12. B building is 1-2, and there is lunch from 12-1.
Me: Why they have only a one-hour slot while the C building has a 4-hour slot?
Mistress: All the ladies and queens want to watch C building activities. They are least interested in other buildings.
Me: But why?
Mistress: They are not naked and don’t get humiliated much, so the queen and other ladies don’t get much pleasure.
I thought they get pleasure with our humiliation. It’s ridiculous bit didn’t have any choice.
After the bath, I was taken for inspection to the warden. She checked my body hairs, body, and then I was asked to sit in a big horse cart. There were other prisoners as well from the C building who were going through the same humiliation.
We all were taken to a place. There was a hall in it where we all assembled. My Mistress arrived there, and she asked all of us to stand in a 3xN formation. I was standing in the first line.
My Mistress announced that she would be our anchor for this activity. I thought that she knew all of it but didn’t tell me. Something I will take revenge while fucking her.
Anyways we formed a line. She inspected all of us quickly for last time. Her subordinates came with some powder and, she asked all of us to take it. We all consumed it. Our cock cage was opened.
Mistress informed us that this powder was shilajit and will help our cock be in standing mode. This would be required for the activities. Our cocks were all at 90 degrees in some time, and we were standing in a 3xN position.
Mistress informed us that today was the annual day, there would be a march past to start with, followed by other activities.
“When this door opens, you will all walk in this formation. You will march past in a circular formation. Your cocks should always be in a standing position, especially when you pass queen. While you pass queen, your heads should be down but cocks standing. Is that clear?”
We all nodded in yes. Soon the bell rang, and the door was opened. Since I was at the front, I led it, and soon we entered an arena. The arena was quite big with a seating capacity of around 5000 people. It was in a circular structure. All of the people present were ladies, and there were no kids.
The queen was sitting in a little high position. Her cabinets, people, and important guests were seated in other areas besides her. Then there were general public seated in the rest of the arena but all ladies.
As soon as we entered, Mistress took us to a position opposite the queen and asked us to get in a kneeling position. We were asked to put our heads down. This was to greet the queen. We were then asked to stand, and the march past began. We were moving in the whole circle.
Since we were not experts, the hands of the person standing behind sometimes hit our buttocks and elsewhere. We kept continuing in the best possible way we can and saluted the queen when we passed her.
This was the height of humiliation that I faced up till now. We must be around 21 people standing naked in front of every woman in the province. They all were laughing, passing comments. Some comments were on our cocks, some on our butts, and some on our nakedness.
We kept marching in the whole circle until we were back to the same place where we started. Till that, every eye had scanned our complete body and nakedness, and we were ultra humiliated.
Another bell rang, and Mistress took all of us to one place and ordered us to stand in a line. Mistress told us that this is a cock with coin race. We all were given a coin which was made of copper. In the old days, the coins were of copper and quite heavy.
The race will be to place our coin on our erect cock and walk to the destination line, which was around 20 meters. We aren’t allowed to touch our cock and coin once the race begins.
The top three people who win the race will get some discounts on the punishments. The last 10 people will have increased punishment in multiples of 10% on the number they come up.
With the next bell rang, we need to place the coin on our cock. We were allowed to rub our cocks to make them erect if we wish to. I now got the reason why we were given shilajit. With the second bell rang, we need to start the race.
So the first bell rang. All of us, with utter humiliation, started to stroke our cocks in an attempt to at least come in top 11 if not in the top 3 positions. The whole arena was echoing with the laughs of all the women. We were stroking our cocks. This went on for some good 2-3 minutes.
It was purposely kept for such duration to humiliate us more. Mistress ordered the last 10 seconds and started the countdown. We all placed the coin on our cock. With the count of 1, another bell rang, and the race started. Some people’s coins fell down with just the first step, some in mid, and so on.
The queen, her ladies, and all women in the arena laughed heavily and passed dirty comments. The whole arena was echoing with laughs, and our faces were totally down. We couldn’t think of meeting any eyes with ours.
My coin also fell down after few steps. With my luck, I would have been in the last 14-15 position and which meant more punishment. The top three were comparatively happy. But they didn’t know whether to celebrate or remain sad with all this disgrace and humiliation.
Somehow the race got completed, and we had a sigh of relief. But it was short-lived. Our rankings were noted, and we were again taken back to the starting line. I thought this could be the second round of the same race, but I was over positive as usual.
Mistress explained to us that this is the second type of race. We would be given some iron balls, tied with a thin rope at one end. The other end of the rope would be tied to our cocks. We would need to drag those iron balls to the other end. The race would be complete when the iron ball crosses the line and not us.
Mistress said that there is a catch here. The iron ball’s weight would defer. The person who came first would get 1 KG ball. The person who came second, his iron ball will weigh 50 grams more, i.e., 1050 grams and so no.
With every rank, another 50 grams weight would get added. So the person who came last will have 2 kg balls. There would again be 2 bell rings. At first, we would need to tie it to our cock, and with the second, the race will begin.
The preparation for the race began, and we were given our iron balls. The whole crowd was watching our humiliation with enthusiasm. The first bell rang, and we all started to tie it. I, unfortunately, got a ball around 1.7KG and already had lost the race.
We all tied our cocks, and the rope was passing between the legs and attached to the iron ball at the back. The second bell rang, and we all started to move. If we tried to move fast, our cock used to pain. If we go slow, we lose the race.
Everyone tried their hard to win. The crowd again started to laugh and pass comments. Some ladies started betting on us on who would win this, and it was so humiliating.
The race was completed. I was not in the top 10 and which meant more punishment. But it was hardly anything I could do. I thought this would be the end, but it wasn’t. We had some more activities like running, leg and cock race where our legs were tied with our cock and some other.
The sun was now setting down, and we thought this should end up soon. However, the most important and humiliating activity was still pending and scheduled the last.
Mistress ordered us to stand in a line and start counting 1,2. She then ordered all 1 to be on one side and all 2 to be on the other. We still weren’t clear on the activity, but then there was an announcement that the next activity is, ‘Tug of Cocks.’
The whole crowd started to cheer up, and it looked they had come to see this only. Hearing this, we already were frozen. Mistress ordered us to stand according to the size of our cocks. The one which is the biggest one to stand at the first position and so on.
It was so humiliating to do this, but we all queued up as ordered. Her subordinates took one big rope and started to tie it on our cocks one by one. Then both the teams had their cocks tied up with the rope. We all were asked to stand in a position where both teams face their backs to each other.
The rope is passing between our legs. The women had moved to the edges of the arena, and all sorts of comments and betting were already started. This was the best of 5. Queen announced that the team who wins it will have their one week reduced from their prison time.
Hearing this, we all got charged up as everyone wanted to move out from this hell. Mistress made the clap sound which started our first tug of cock. This was so painful and humiliating to pull by our cocks. Both the teams started to pull and tried their best as the booty in offer was so precious.
The first round was won by us after great difficulty. After a couple of minutes, the second round started, which was won by the opponent team. Then the third and fourth. We both team were now having equal wins with 2-2 each.
The audience was having their best time, laughing, passing comments, cracking jokes. The final round started. We were on the edge of winning and sometimes the opponent team.
This was the longest round, and finally, we lost and, with that, lost our hope to leave early. The opponent team was dancing as they had won and more importantly, they had got a one-week reduction.
The final bell rang, and Mistress asked us to finally greet the queen by standing in the middle and getting on our knees. The queen gave some speeches for the audience and to conclude the event.
We were then taken back to our prisons in the horse cart. Everyone in the horse cart was massaging their cock as it was paining like hell. I was back in my cell and was just evaluating what all happened today. Mistress came in the night for the sample collection.
Me: Can’t we skip this for a day or two as it’s hurting?
Mistress: Nope, the rule is to collect daily irrespective of what happens.
Me: Ok.
Mistress: How did you feel today?
Me: It was so painful and, more than that, so humiliating. Standing naked in front of all the ladies in the province.
Mistress: How you want to give a sample today?
Me: If skipping isn’t an option then, please give me the blowjob. I don’t have the strength left to have sex now, even though you have a beautiful body.
Mistress moved closer and started to lick my cock. I ordered Mistress to strip completely and then make a start. She removed her dress and then her inners and was completely nude now. Even though her body was inviting, I didn’t step up to have sex.
My cock was now hard, and the licks were now converted to sucks. She was between my legs and sucking my cock. The scene was quite erotic. I wanted to play a little with her body, so I ordered her to take the 69 position. Now her beautiful pussy and ass were in front of me.
I started to lick her ass hole, and this made her horny. She was now sucking it with more passion. I moved my tongue on her pussy and inserted one of my fingers in her ass. I was moving my finger in her ass, and she was getting hornier.
This continued for some time. Now I was on the verge of ejaculation, which I told her. She immediately picked up the bottle and started to give a handjob. In few seconds, ejaculated my sperm, and she collected it in her bottle. She put the bottle in the clay pot and got dressed up.
While dressing, I asked her
Me: I hope that this was the last thing in my period.
Mistress: You never know.
Me: Yeah, daily activities aren’t an issue. It’s just activities like this which come once a year.
Mistress: That’s what I am saying that there could be other activities like this.
Me: I am already freezing. Is there anything lined up in the next 2 months?
Mistress: Sorry, I can’t disclose. But can only say one thing that you are in prison at the wrong time.
Words were not coming out of my mouth now. Mistress left, then leaving me to think about what’s coming next.
So, guys, I will end the story here and will continue in the next part. Hope you liked this story about the best prisoners. Your feedback is of most importance to me as this story is on a different track. Some of you have given great feedback, and thanks for that.
I request you all to please provide your valuable feedback either on an email, Hangout, or even in the comments section. You can reach out to me on [email protected] or my hangout id amit.360.sharma (only for chats. Don’t check the mail here). Please express your opinion as it is valuable to me.

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