Story of an indiscreet pervy perv

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Recap: Dr. Liya Robin had invited Dr. Melanie (her sub and gynecologist) to speak in a sex education program. The scene proceeds to some heated scene backstage where Malanie was on her knees pleasing Dr. Liya. The previous scene ended with someone walking backstage.

I could hear the footsteps. Someone was nearing the backstage threshold. My seductress mode on, I was anxiously waiting for the potential pet. Suddenly the noise stopped, and silence took over. I heard the sound receding. Probably whoever it was walked away.
The thought that we were so close to being caught intensified the fire burning in my sex.  I turned to Melanie and ordered, “Remove the top buttons in your shirt just enough for you to squeeze your boobs out.”
She was only very eager to oblige. Her boobs were out in a jiffy and in the perfect position for me to play. I could see her voluptuous breasts rise and fall with her every breath. She looked at me as I contemplated my next move.
I circled her, taking in the gorgeous beauty on her knees, willing to dance to my desires. I stopped behind her, ran my hands through her hair, grabbed it, and pulled it down. The sudden movement caused her to shriek. I saw the twinkle in her eyes.
The ripples caused in the air by her sudden shriek sent a shiver down to my sex. I felt my pussy moisten.  With my free hand, I pinched her nipples, pulling them up.
She bit her tongue as the pain surged through her body. Moving on, I skimmed around her nipples, causing gooseflesh. She arched her back, closed her eyes, and a moan escaped her pressed lips.
The time for the seminar was nearing, and I had to stop. I asked her to get up and correct her dress. My sixth sense seemed to pick up something, a pair of my eyes preying on us from behind the curtain. I didn’t turn to look who it was. Instead, my left hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her to me.
I stopped her body from falling over me with my free hand to her throat. The sudden choke filled her eyes with fear, and her breath quickened. I whispered with a smirk across my face, “Good girl,” and leaned in for a kiss. Her mouth opened to let my tongue in.
The kiss grew in passion, and she completely melted into me, giving in to my every desire. I felt a familiar tingle in my pussy at the thought that I was being watched.  Pulling her into me even more with my hands around her hips and our lips inches away from each other.
I asked or rather whispered: “Do you want to eat my pussy?”
Like the eager slut that she is, replied, “Yes, Mistress, please let me eat your pussy?” Her hot breath in my face ignited a flame that wanted me to push her down ride her face. I controlled the desire with every last bit of my willpower and pulled myself away.
After taking a moment to compose myself, I commanded, “Wait for me in your clinic. Ask Rose to stay as well,” I instructed and gestured her to leave the backstage through the other way. I saw her disappear through the threshold.
I walked towards the curtain, where I saw some movement, small but quick ripples on the curtain, possibly caused by the hand movements when someone masturbates. I smirked at the prospect of meeting my next pet on the other side of the curtain.
I slid through the small opening in the curtain, making sure not to disturb the self-indulgence. I was astounded at sight. It was Jenifer, the principal of the college. A smile, or rather a smirk, was plastered across my face. I have been eyeing the principal for some time. Let me just call her Jenni.
Jenni was in her mid 40’s. She was one of those professional women in skirts and suits, trying to hide their vulnerability in a bitchy demeanor. But I was able to see through the façade. I could see the real Jenifer, desperately wanting someone to put her in her place.
She is someone I would call a brat, an older version of a brat. I smiled at the near future that I had planned for her, my sweet slut Jenny. I smirked as the thought occupied my mind, the bossy principle on her knees servicing me. A stifled moan brought me back to the present.
Jenni leaned back against the steel frame of the stage; her blazer unbuttoned, shirt underneath was partially unbuttoned. Her hand was inside her black bra, nudging her nipples. Her skirt was up, flashing her fat thighs and the sexy thigh highs that accentuated her legs.
Her panties were moved to the side to allow access to her pussy.  Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the attention she gave herself. She bit her lip and tried hard not to stifle any sound and terribly failed at it. The whole situation had my pussy sweating. I already felt the juice trickling down my thighs.
She continued to indulge in what she otherwise considered a taboo. Oblivious to my presence in front of her, she increased the pace she moved her hands through the clit. I leaned in towards her until I could feel her warmth. Her perfume filled my senses, triggering my primal instinct.
The sweet scent of sex radiating out of her skin lured me further in. I skimmed my hand across her cheeks. Startled by the sudden touch of the third hand, she opened her eyes. I covered her lips with mine before she could react. A moment passed before she responded to my kiss.
She moaned into my mouth, and I growled. Her hands kept rubbing her clit faster and faster. Releasing her hands were desperately trying to make her orgasm, I pulled out from the kiss briefly and, with authority, said, “Stop.”
Her hands stopped moving. Her wide eyes filled with fear were looking back at me for mercy. I proceeded to shove my right middle finger inside her. The wetness ensured the movement was slick and quick. As my hands moved in, she gasped for air and allowed me an opportunity to slip my tongue in.
Wanting to hear her moan in pleasure, I moved my lips to her exposed neck, suckling it with passion. She threw her head back to accommodate my lips. Her breathing was getting more erratic and loud as the moment passed. The gush of air she exhaled would create ripples in my nerves when it touched my skin.
My lip had made its way down her neck to the valley between her mounds. I was suckling around her breasts, intentionally ignoring her nipples. My left hand continued to fuck her pussy. Her moans were now louder, and Jenni was in her supposed heaven.
She rocked her hips back and forth, desperately trying to fuck herself with my finger. A part of me wanted to push her down, sit over her face and ravage her. But I being the dome and responsible for any of my pet.
I decided to follow her (my only mistress) words: “All good things come to those who wait.” I pulled myself away from her – leaving her alone, humiliated, empty and horny.
She looked at me pleadingly and began, “Dr. Robbins-”
I cut her off with a smirk, saying: “Shall we go back to the program?”
She looked at me, puzzled. She couldn’t fathom the events that had transpired a couple of moments ago. To calm her, I skimmed my hand across her cheeks and patted it slowly. I pulled her into an embrace.
I whispered into her ears, “I know you want me to fuck you, straddle you and give you the best orgasm you ever had and give you the release that you so desperately want, that you desperately need.” I paused for effect and continued, “But, you have to earn it, Jenni.”
My hands trailed down her body only to stop and linger around her butt hole. I continued, “Have you earned it yet, my pet?” She stammered a meekly ‘No.’ After sweeping across her butt hole for the next few seconds, I pulled myself away and looked into her eyes.
I continued lovingly, “Do you want my hands back on your pussy, to give you the release that you so desperately need?”
“Yes,” she stammered as a flicker of hope-filled her eyes. When the prey had finally realized their purpose, I enjoyed this moment. I found their true calling to unconditionally serve me. All I had to do now was wait and inspire her submission to me.
So far, she barely needed a push on the right path to salvation. After taking a moment to calm my running mind, “You are coming with me today. Wait for my call after the seminar,” I said sternly. She nodded, almost giving away her excitement with a smile.
I pressed further, “Say it, my pet – Got it?”
“Yes, Mistress,” she stammered again.
“I knew it, yes, I knew it,” I thought as I smirked again. I knew she was spying on Melanie and me. Her reply was only confirmed my suspicions. She would never in a million years called me a Mistress if she wasn’t listening in on us.
I moved behind her, propping my chin on her shoulders, whispered, “No touching your cunt, do you understand, pet?” huskily into her years. I proceeded to lick the extremities of her earlobes before pulling myself back, deliberately leaving her hanging after she was so close to an orgasm.
I heard her gasp! Now in front of her, I leaned in, without breaking the eye contact, so close that she was nothing but a blur. I could feel her heated breath on my skin, the increasing heartbeat, drops of sweat on her forehead. I could smell her fear and the excitement leaking out of her cunt.
I saw her pupils dilate and landed a hard slap on her pussy. While she winced in pain, she did well to stifle her moan by biting her lips. I loved the way her body trembled on the contact of my hands. Her fists clenched to the sides of her body, using all of her self-control to stop her from moaning.
I smiled at her struggle, petted her hair, and continued, “Do you understand?”
This time, she knew better than to just nod. She took a long breath in and confidently said, “Yes, Mistress,” with downcast eyes. Her humiliation further feeding her arousal, she blushed. I could see her juices leaking again.
It took all of my self-control to stop myself from licking her juices from her thighs after making her beg me for it. I just smiled and moved away after giving a peck on her lips. She gasped again at the contact of my lips.
Fully knowing that I cannot control it any longer, I turned around and left her standing there. Before I left backstage, I turned around and look at her – her skirt pulled up. Her cunt-cum running down her thighs, shirt button open, giving me a glimpse of the valley between her breasts and a perky nipple.
I smiled at the thought of her kneeling before me, begging me to let her eat my pussy. Begging me to let her cum. Begging me to accept her as my cunt-munching personal slave for the rest of her life. I smiled at all the future endeavors I had planned for her.
She still had her eyes downcast, probably processing everything that happened in the past hour. Fighting her every impulse against wanting to follow her wanton desires.
Or maybe, she was wondering about everything she would do to please me. Or maybe she was too excited to move. I smiled dismissively at the thoughts that were propping up in my head. I sat in my seat and turned to search for her.
Our eyes met, and we smiled, she nervously and I seductively. I cannot wait to make her my most prized possession and explore sex with her!
“Kirti,” I mouthed and let out a sigh as I turned back to look at her stage.
I saw Jennifer walking out from behind the stage, with her confident smirk back. I smiled at the irony and turned my attention to the speaker.

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