Story of flirting with the 3 women in my life

My stepmom just helped me lose my virginity, and she guided me throughout the process. After reaching the climax, we were both lying down on the bed. She smiled at me as I looked at her. I turned towards her and put my hand on her boobs.
“You are such a naughty boy, Pratyush,” she laughed as she rubbed my dick. It was all we. As she touched it, I started to get hard again. Then I asked her how she found the site.
“Actually, that day, you haven’t locked the door. So when I went inside your room, I saw you were asleep, and your phone is not locked,” she explained how she found out about the site.

“So you decided to tempt me by texting about sex? Haha,” I grabbed her boobs and pressed them hard.
“You don’t like it?” she laughed and pulled down the foreskin of my cock. I was fully erect again. “I do. I never thought I would love you like this,” I replied, and that made things pretty emotional.
She explained how hard it had been for her to go through all. “You know, Pratyush? Every girl has their own desires. With my first husband, I never got to fulfill the entire thing I desired. With your father, it is not possible even though he is a great man,” she kept explaining.
I felt bad for her and hugged her. she started crying. “Please stop crying. Now you have me, mom,” I said as I hugged her tight. She was still holding my cock, though. As I hugged her tight, her big boobs pressed against my chest. She looked into my face. Her eyes were filled with tears.
I didn’t say anything and just put my lips on hers. She responded by sucking back my lips. We started kissing while she was still holding and stroking my cock. I was fully erect again, and precum was oozing out of my cock out of excitement.
I sucked her lips gently and took her tongue inside my mouth. I sucked her tongue and took my hand again to her boobs. We were both moaning inside each other’s mouths. We kissed for a while, and then I came down. I put my mouth on her nipples and sucked them.
“Mmmm,” she moaned and closed her eyes. She pressed her thumb on the tip of my cock. I was all wet and hard enough for the second session. I sucked her nipples for some time and then moved between her legs. She lifted her saree again, giving me a full view of her wet pussy.
I lifted her legs and put them over my shoulder before rubbing my cock on her wet cunt. “Pratyush. You are so big,” she moaned as I gently push my cock inside her pussy. In the missionary position, we fucked for a while and orgasmed again.
Then we both decided to fuck whenever possible and cleaned ourselves up. That day, I was the happiest. Later at night, I talked with Nisha, and we decided to go on a date after two days. I was so happy and slept in no time. Next two days, my stepmom and I made sure to have fun whenever possible.
We didn’t fuck but still, kissing and touched each other whenever we could. Then came the day for a date with Nisha. I took a bath and put on black jeans and a grey shirt. Then I went to pick up Nisha near her house. She came wearing a floral skirt and a white crop top.
The skirt was long enough to cover her thighs. She was looking so beautiful. We greeted each other and then headed towards the destination. There is a lake nearby, and around the lake, there are many cottage restaurants. You can get your own private cottage to spend some quality time there.
So we decided to go there. Nisha was hesitant at first because she was afraid of what people might think. But I managed to convince her anyhow. We reached the place and took a small cottage. It was small and had curtains to cover the windows and door. I was already excited about entering the cottage.
We ordered some food first and just waited for it to arrive. I was already hard inside my pant. Nisha was sitting beside me, and she looked scared and nervous.
“You look afraid, Nisha,” I asked her. “It’s just…what if someone sees us,” she replied. I tried to console her and said, it will be fine. No one will see us.
Later, the waiter came with the food and left. We finished the food and just sat there. Nisha gradually felt comfortable too. I had put my hand around her shoulder, and she had rested her hand on my chest. We were talking about our school days and about our friends.
I took my eyes to her thighs. Her skirt had moved upwards, exposing half of her thighs. I was getting really hard inside my pant, so I pulled her slowly on my lap. She responded it and looking at me, she put her ass on my lap. Our eyes met, and we started kissing.
This time, there was no one around to be bothered about. So we kissed wildly. I sucked her tongue and lips, and she did the same. Her ass was grinding against my boner. I was really excited, so I took my hand to her chest and pressed her boobs from her top.
She moaned inside my mouth as I did that. It was getting so intense. Nisha then turned towards me, sitting on my lap, and kissed me again. I kissed her back and took my hands down to her ass. I slid my hands inside her skirt and grabbed her ass from her panty. She was rubbing her ass against my boner.
We didn’t talk and continued kissing each other. Nisha had closed her eyes, and she was so much into it. Then I slowly moved my hand inside her panty and took my finger between her ass to her pussy. It was all hairy, and she was so much wet.
As I touched her wet pussy, she arched her back, still sucking my lips and tongue. I rubbed her pussy slowly, and we were both enjoying it a lot. Suddenly, someone passed through the cottage area. Nisha got really scared. She moved away from my lap and fixed her dress.
“It’s too risky here, Pratyush,” she said, looking into my eyes. I agreed with her and hugged her for some time. We didn’t do anything after that and later returned home.
I was so anxious about what happened inside the cottage. I felt like Nisha will never talk with me again. “She must be thinking I am a pervert,” this was running all over my head. Later at night, I checked if Nisha was online. She was there, so I texted her, “Hi, baby. What are you doing?”
“Cleaning up the mess you created today,” she replied immediately. “What?” I didn’t get what she was talking about. “My panty stupid. It was all wet, so I am washing it now,” she replied back.
“Oh. Wish I was there then. I would have helped you clean it, haha,” I tried to flirt with her. “Haha, you naughty boy!” She replied as we started talking very openly. She later said she really enjoyed everything, but we cannot do that out in public. We talked for a while, and then she went to sleep.
Another week went just like that. Nisha and I were getting on really well. Occasionally, I managed to have fun with my stepmom.
Then came another Saturday. Dad took my stepmom for a day out. There was just me and Priyanka at home. We had our lunch together, and I was just reading inside my room. Then suddenly, Priyanka came inside my room.
She was wearing black shorts, which were very tiny, and a black crop top. The shorts were barely covering her ass, and her navel was exposed.
“Are you free, Pratyush? I need some help with my back. It’s really hurting,” she asked me and sat on my bed. “Yes. Let me finish this question first. I will only take few minutes,” I replied as I made sure to check out her body. My dick was already reacting to it.
Priyanka said okay and just sat there on the bed. I finished the question and asked her, “What happened, Priyanka?” as I got up from the chair. Priyanka directly took her eyes to my crotch. I was already a little hard, and there was a small bulge. I felt like she caught my boner.
“My back is paining so much. Can you give me a massage?” she said, arching her back. She looked in pain, so I asked her to lie on the bed. She insisted on doing it in her bedroom, so we walked towards her bedroom. I was behind her, and I made sure to stare at her round ass.
As we reached her room, she lay down flat on her stomach and asked me to press her back. I got on top of her and pressed her shoulder. “Not there, silly. Go further down,” she said. I said okay and moved down.
While moving down, my crotch pressed against her ass. Priyanka didn’t say anything, though. I pressed her waist, “Here?”
“Mmmmm yes,” she replied.
This much for this part. Will Priyanka finally let me inside her panties? Will I be able to fuck my own sister? Stay tuned and happy reading. Also, if you have any feedback, make sure to write me on [email protected]

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