Story of satisfying the hot nurse who vaccinated me in Bangalore

Hey guys, this is Nikhil again. This time I am story writing my story from Bangalore about a hot nurse. Sorry for such a long gap. I was busy with something. If you don’t know me, then please read my previous super hit stories. You can give feedback at [email protected] via email or hangouts.
Let me start the story without wasting any time. So I have been to Bangalore many times before and have many readers from here. So whenever I come back, I try to meet them at least once. But this time, it was a completely different story.
I have recently got a few modeling contracts before traveling to Bangalore. Our agency got us vaccinated once, and the second dose was supposed to be administered in Bangalore itself. So after landing in Bangalore, we had the vaccination at the end of the week.
I got my accommodation in Marathahalli, where I stay currently. So a hospital near my location was picked up, and our vaccination schedule was decided. While I was waiting near the vaccination center, a beautiful lady in her mid-twenties passed by.
She was wearing a nurse’s costume – a perfect blend of figure and a cute face and a great height. She was a perfect bomb. All of us were from the agency itself. So the hospital staff knew that we were all models, all 4 of us, the three girls, and me. So they were very cordial and cheerful to us.
To my utter surprise, she was the nurse who would vaccinate us, and that made me damn excited. I initiated the conversation and asked her about her name. She smiled and asked, “Are models really interested in nurses?” To which I replied, “If a nurse is as hot as you, why not?”
She replied with a cute smile. She told her name and details, like wherever she actually belonged to and where she stayed in Bangalore. I Instantly inquired about her whereabouts and asked for her number if she didn’t mind. She generously gave her number.
She even informed me that she is free on weekends with a cute wink. This was enough to convey that she was already interested in me. We started talking on WhatsApp, and soon we got very close.
On a typical weekday night, while we were chatting, she started talking about her relationships and other encounters. Following this conversation, I realized that she broke up a few months back. She has had a couple of hookups via dating apps.
She started to explain how guys were disappointing on the bed and how she was into soft BDSM. After discussing all kinks, we decided to meet the coming weekend since I stayed in a flat. She was very excited about the same. The reason she said she had never done it with a model.
Then the weekend came, and I had set up my flat accordingly. She was wearing a black one-piece that barely covered her thighs and a pair of high heels. This made her look even more irresistible, and I didn’t waste time. I immediately pushed her against the wall.
I started kissing her while my hands squeezed her boobs vigorously. She tried to resist, but her pleasure overpowered her pain. Then one of my fingers went down, and I sense that she was already wet. She hadn’t been finger for a long time, and hence my touch made her panty soak.
Then I pushed her on the sofa and remove her dress gracefully. I was continuously sucking her lips and licking her earlobes. One of my hands squeezed her boobs, and the other fingered her. She was already in heaven, and that was evident by the fact that my fingers.
The entire hand was wet in no time. She was in ecstasy. After fingering her for a good time, I started sucking her boobs and biting her nipples softly. Then I moved down. I licked her entire vaginal area and inner thighs without actually touching her pussy.
The warmth of my breath around her pussy without actually touching it made her crazy. This made her out of control. She had a huge orgasm with eyes rolled, and head bent back. Then I started actually licking her pussy. My hands were fingering her and my mouth licking and biting her clitoris.
One of my hands was caressing her nipples. After a nice fingering session, it became unbearable for her. she pushed me away again with a massive orgasm. Post that, she pushed me and pounced over me. Here, I must state she was very wild. She started kissing me and left hickeys all over my chest.
When she got down and me and give me an incredible blowjob. Her warm breath and soft tongue on my dick head made me crazy. That probably was one of the best blowjobs I have ever received. She was a pro. After a nice blowjob when my dick was rock hard, she stretched and started riding me.
And man, I was in heaven!
She tied my hands with the towel lying beside me, pushed me straight, and started riding me violently. Throughout this, she continuously scratched my chest, and I continued to squeeze her watermelons.
And by the way, let me introduce her figure to you guys. She had round milky white 34 C-sized huge boobs. They indeed were the softest ones I have ever experienced. That 38 sized ass was the perfect one to complement her figure.
Now coming back to the story. I was continuously squeezing those softest watermelons, and she was continuously was scratching my chest. The sight of her riding with head bent back, eyes rolling, and the circular motion of her butt made me crazy.
Then she suddenly changed. Now she was in reverse cowgirl position. I could literally see how she was bouncing on my dick and rolling around. I could not stop myself. Hence I grabbed those, squeezed them, and spanked them till they were red hot.
After riding for around 10-13 minutes, she had a wriggling orgasm. She collapsed on the sofa. But I wasn’t done yet. So I turned her around, grabbed her ass, and started fucking her in the doggy style. She was dead tired, but the sound of my dick banging her ass made her crazy, and she regained.
The sound similar to clapping was indeed irresistible. Hence I pulled her hair, grabbed her neck, and fucked her like that for a good time. We had a mutual climax, and then both of us collapsed.
But the show wasn’t over yet. We were to explore everything from balcony to kitchen to terrace, to BDSM to going raw. This will be discussed in the next part.
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