Young guy’s adventure with the college maid

Hello readers, I am Nik, a 21-year-old guy from Bangalore. I am 5.8 feet tall, have a 12 cm monstrous cock (when erect), with a fair complexion, hairy and chubby body. I love to have sex with all – men, women, and also the third gender.
My family is an orthodox family (Hindu-Gowda). They are very religious, and getting opportunities for sex is really difficult.
Pornography and the internet have taught me all about sex. I have a lot of sexual fantasies and desires in all categories of sex, which I have experienced, and experiencing even now and will continue to do so in the future.
I am here with my debut story online, to share my real sexual encounters with you all, in different episodes. This is my first episode.
My first sexual encounter happened when I was 18+ years old. I was in my 1st PUC, then. I had sex with my college maid in March 2014. Her name was Raaji (name changed).
She was 38 years old and has (54-46-56) 5x, brownish complexioned, thick, and hairy body. Her nipples are 5 cm long, black and thick as a bullet, with a disc-shaped huge areola around them. She had acne-pus-filled pimples all around her body, especially on her face, back around her ass hole, and booty. She had thick black hairy armpits, pubes, and hair on her chest and back as well.
Her navel was oily, filled with sweaty filth. She looked ugly but had a sexy body and was up to my fantasy and expectation. I saw her for the first time at the 1st PUC inauguration function. I got an instant erection seeing her dirty looks.
She always wore thin sarees with light colours, which made her innerwear visible partially. Her bra and panties used to be completely visible and adhered to the body when she was drenched in sweat, due to summer, (her curves were very much visible).
Her erected nipples were poking out of the blouse. Her armpit hair was peeping out of the half-sleeved blouse (it was bushy and dense), seems that she has never shaven her body since her puberty.
She used to be sweaty all day long as she did all manual jobs like – sweeping the floors, cleaning the toilets, and other sanitation works.
Her cleavage used to bulge out as she wore tight blouses, (her boobs were saggy). Her pallu used to be loose and thin which hardly covered her boobs (she never pinned it). Her mangalsutra hanging down on her boobs was a great boner for all the boys (that was the only ornament she wore). She used to chew pan-masala and spit it often in the toilet.
She bathed only once a week and that kept her dirty (because she did the cleaning job). The college didn’t worry about her attire as she was a D-group worker. Her walking style, bouncing saggy tits, and thick booty were a feast for the boys.
All the boys in the college had sexual fantasies about the college maid but only I realized and experienced it. She didn’t worry about her appearance as she was poor.
I and my friends captured her pics, while she was working, from different angles. Her side view was heaven. We all kept her pic in the middle, formed a circle around it, and masturbated on her pics, on the mobile. We did this in the boy’s toilet, where no teachers or college staff came. We used to be semi-naked while masturbating, but I used to be naked.
We all moaned her name, “Raajii.. Haaaa..Uffff,” while masturbating, and caressed each other’s bodies (we were all boys, remember), imagining it to be her. I used to suck my friend’s fingers imagining it to the college maid’s her nipple. It tasted so good and salty since it was his dirty left-hand fingers.
We also enjoyed sniffing each other’s dirty stained underwear. I sniffed my friend – Gagan’s hairy armpit. He was a thick, hairy person in our college, and dirty as he took bath weekly once, (my sexual encounter with him shall be posted in upcoming episodes).
Everyone used to cum in my mouth and on my face at the climax. I enjoyed this and swallowed all their smelly thick white cum. They called me a cum-bin. I enjoyed smearing my own cum on my face. After we did this with joy, we cleaned the toilet and went back to our class. Keeping my clothes clean was the toughest task in this group masturbation.
I made up my mind to enjoy the college maid and satisfy all my sexual desires and fantasies with her. I started planning and executing it accordingly. At first, I started to establish a strong bonding (friendship) with her. I talked with her in Kannada, the regional language and my mother tongue.
We slowly shared our lunch with each other, talked about current affairs, politics, economics, films, and society in general.
One day, I started to tease her on different things, flirting with her. I asked her to feed me with her own hands when nobody was around, which she did. I enjoyed sucking her dirty fingers.
We used to have lunch in the college ground. As there were no CCTVs in my college, I spent most of the time being near her. My only intention was to sniff the college maid’s aromatic sweaty odour and to look at her assets as closely as possible.
She never doubted me or avoided me. She didn’t even notice me staring at her assets or my instant boners. Nobody questioned me for being close with her. My friends envied me as she did get strict with them when they tried to be close with her.
One day, I asked her about her family and interests. She told me that she has a drunkard husband, and two daughters, who were 18 and 20 years respectively, and they were studying. Her husband didn’t work, and she worked hard to meet her family’s needs. She had the hobbies of drawing rangoli, and taking care of livestock at her home, as it was her second business.
I told her about my family and said that I do internet surfing as my hobby. But as yet, I didn’t ask any direct questions about her sex life. She asked me what was internet surfing and how to do it? She was uneducated and a bit literate, only in Kannada. As she was poor, she had never owned an android.
She had a mobile, which was a basic handset used for talking. She didn’t know how to access the internet. I opened my android and showed her Google and explained how to access the internet and all about internet surfing. She felt happy.
Intentionally, I thought that the time was ready and opened my previous web page which had Brandi Love (my favorite porn star) porn, running on PornHub. Brandi was being fucked in her ass-hole hard by a BBC.
Raaji was completely shocked and paralyzed looking at it! Until then, she had never seen porn or naked people having sex. She had seen some nominal adult scenes in movies and TV. She was staring at the video, the sound was off as we were on the college premises. I felt it had worked as she was looking at it intensely.
Slowly, she was turned on, her breathing went up, her nipples got erected. I took it as a green signal, to go further and approach her with my sexual desires and fantasies. But then I had to abruptly stop the video as the bell rang, to attend my class.
The next day, I had some plans to seduce our college maid and make her my bitch. We met at the same time and place. She asked me about what she had seen yesterday. I explained to her about the porno world. She asked me for more videos. (Haha, now the ball was in my court.)
I showed her some porn clips and pics, which she enjoyed. Slowly, I opened my gallery where I had my own naked photos. She was astonished to see my naked, hairy and chubby body with a huge cock. She had mixed emotions. I could read her face properly.
She stood up and without talking went away. I was perplexed by what had happened. Did I commit a mistake showing her my own naked pics or was it too early? She had seen porn so what was wrong with seeing me naked?
The next day, I was waiting at our lunch spot, but she didn’t come. I was worried and thought that I had missed a catch. I took out her photos on the mobile and started calling her with dirty words. I made up my mind to have sex with her on the same day.
In the evening, after college hours, when everybody went home, I went near her. She was in the boy’s toilet, cleaning the dirty commodes. There was no one in the college except me, her and the watchman, who was at the entrance of the college.
Raaji was entrusted with the task of closing the college doors and gates after everyone had left the premises. I went and stood behind her. She sensed my presence behind her but didn’t look at me. She continued cleaning the commode.
The filthy odour of urine and shit in the toilet drove me crazy. My college toilet was the dirtiest place, but it was like paradise for me. I got an instant boner! Even the college maid’s sweaty smell, though toxic and spicy, aroused me even more. I love such odour.
Her back was inviting me to drill her ass hole. I started talking to her, but she neglected me and didn’t reply. I told her of my sexual desires for her. I wanted her with me to fulfill all those desires. She didn’t reply.
I told her that I was ready to pay her money for sex. She didn’t reply to that too.
Then, I went to a urinal close to her and started peeing, allowing my monstrous cock to be visible to her. The gushing sound of my urine brought her attention to my cock. She was mesmerized looking at it in real and began staring at my bulged cock constantly!
I felt it was the right time and turned towards her. I urinated on her and drenched her completely with my urine!! She was not please and she came to hit me. I caught her by hands and locked her in my arm. She didn’t resist. After 5 minutes or so, she settled down and became calm. I think she liked my tight hug.
I started kissing and licking the college maid’s neck passionately, which was drenched completely with my urine and her sweat. She moaned with pleasure and..
This encounter shall be continued in my next episode. This was how I started my sex life. I am now enjoying it to the core and have kept a record of all my weird sexual encounters. I will be sharing all this with you, in my upcoming episodes. I want your encouragement and support in writing my real-life sexual encounters.
So, please come up with your feedback. I shall accept anything, whether negative or positive comments. As this is my real-life incident, nothing is exaggerated or twisted. I am presenting facts as they happened.
Mail me or ping me on hangouts – mail id, [email protected] Your replies will give me the inspiration to write my experiences even better.
I live in Bangalore, anybody can ping me for pleasure, and for fulfilling your weird fantasies, and sharing your thoughts.

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